• AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN:  ESSER III - HVPS ESSER III Application ensures  the following:
      1.  Addresses Learning Loss
      2. Provides After School Activities
      3. Provides Summer Learning Programs
      4. Provides other services necessary to sustain the safe operation of HVPS and address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the HVPS community.
    • COMPREHENSIVE LITERACY STATE DEVELOPMENT  Program (CLSD) -  is a five year (2019-2024) discretionary grant that  expands and enhances the HVPS Literacy Plan developed under the SRCL program. The CLSD program continues to advance literacy skills, including pre- literacy skills, reading, and writing, for children from birth through grade 12, with an emphasis on disadvantaged children, including children living in poverty, English learners, and children with disabilities.
    • TITLE I  - Title I Application Provides funds to  HVPS to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards.
    • TITLE II Title II Application Provides funds to HVPS to  is to enhance the quality of teaching and principal leadership in order to improve student achievement.
    • TITLE IV STUDENT SUPPORT AND ACADEMIC ENRICHMENT Program - Title IV SAEA Application Provides funds to increase the capacity of HVPS to meet the following three goals:    
      1. Provide all students access to a well-rounded education
      2. Improve the use of technology to advance student academic achievement
      3. Improve academic outcomes by maintaining safe and healthy students
    • RURAL AND LOW INCOME SCHOOLS Program - Provides funds to HVPS to improve student achievement.
    • SMALL, RURAL SCHOOL GRANT Program - Provides funds to HVPS to improve student achievement